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The Case of the Flash Components and the Missing Text

December 10, 2009

Frustration is always seems twice as bad when the solution is simple. I recently ran into a problem where I had used checkboxes and text input fields from flash components. At some point, SOMETHING went wrong. The labels not longer showed up on the textboxes and I could no longer type in the textboxes. If I moved the component out of the movieclip I had it in and placed it on stage, everything worked okay. The reason was driving me insane! Well after much whining, an answer was found. I decided to post it so this hopefully never happens to anyone.

The MovieClip that contained my components had somehow had a skew of 0.5 applied to it. I removed the skew and everything worked fine.

Lesson of the Day:  DO NOT apply transformations to a holder that contains your components because text will no longer work in them.

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