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Little Things Causing Big Problems in Actionscript

February 18, 2010

This is the best I can do to help troubleshoot some little issues in your actionscript code that can cause you to ask questions like “wtf?”, say things like “but my code is perfect” or even resort to starting over. Here are some of the issues I’ve encountered while  coding or have helped other people resolve:

Problem: Your .fla compiles but your code doesn’t work. No errors, nothing at all in the output window.

  • If you are using an external document class ensure that you have written the file path correctly. CHECK THAT THE CASING IS CORRECT!!! Even if the casing is wrong, clicking that little pencil will still bring up your .as file, but at runtime that code won’t work.

Problem: Your text isn’t showing up!

  • If you text is in a component, ensure you have there are no transformations applied to that component. Even a skew or rotation of 0.1 degrees can cause the text inside disappear.

Feel feel to contribute more problems and possible solutions that have at some point caused you to question your coding skills.

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